Our Guides.

At the heart of our community are vibrant individuals who understand your journey firsthand. They are a diverse group of real people, much like yourself, who share a common thread of transparency and honesty. Unlike the traditional confines of church or even the polished stage of a TED talk, they bring forth authentic narratives that speak directly to your soul, empowering you to embrace your unique path and pursue a life filled with purpose and joy. Among them, you'll find storytellers who craft narratives that resonate with your own experiences, influencers who inspire and uplift, faith leaders who provide guidance and support, athletes who embody resilience and determination, business people who navigate the challenges of life, and parents who juggle multiple responsibilities with unwavering love.

Tim Ross

International Speaker | Podcast Host

Michael Franzese

One of the Most Notorious Mafia Caporegimes of the 80s

Albus Brooks

MBA | VP of Milender White | Former President Denver City Councilman | Speaker

Alena Moore

Worship Leader | Communicator

Antipas Harris

PhD | Author | International Speaker

Betty Hart

Director | Actor

Billy Hallowell

MS | Journalist | Author

Brandon Cormier

Pastor | Speaker

Brian Bosché

CEO of The Millennial Solution | Author | Speaker

Brian Bullock

Pastor | Author

Brian Fleming

Combat Wounded Veteran | Author | Speaker

Carlos Alvarez

Pastor | Communicator

CB Barthlow


Chris Bell


Chris Dowling

Screenwriter | Director | Producer

Chris Harper

CEO of BetterMan | Disciple-Maker

Chris Heaslip

Co-Founder of Pushpay

Christi Miranda

Entrepreneur | Communicator

Chris Widener

Author | Speaker

Craig Brown

Author | Speaker | Recovery Pastor

Daniel Gray


Daniel Harrell

Pastor | Former Editor-in-Chief at Christianity Today

Dan Lian

Pastor | Speaker

Danny Adams

Speaker | Content Creator

Darren Woodson

Former Dallas Cowboys Safety | Pro Football Hall of Fame Finalist | Speaker | Podcast Host

Dave Almgren

Audience Engagement Specialist | Communicator

David Holland

Writer | Speaker | Teacher

David Moore

Writer | Pastor

Eli Hernandez

Associate Pastor at Bridgeway Community Church in Columbia, MD | Speaker

Emily Vogeltanz


Gabrielle Bosché

TEDx presenter | Bestselling author | Co-Founder of The Purpose Company

Gerald Fadayomi


Irini Fambro

PhD | MDiv | Owner of Intelligent Leadership

Jason Noble

Pastor | Speaker | Author

Jennifer Lucy Tyler

Author | International Speaker | Growth Coach | Founder Mission Consulting Hub

Jim Cathcart

CSP | CPAE | Author | Professional Speaker | Entrepreneur

Joel Muddamalle

PhD | Theologian

John Moreland

MDiv | Pastor | Director of Urban Initiatives, Denver Seminary

Jonathon Seidl

Speaker | Author

Jordan Rogers

Founder of Perseus Creative | Formerly of Nike Basketball North America

Juliette Ross

Ministry Leader | Podcast Host

Katy Kazadi

Bible Teacher | Public Speaker | Spoken Word Artist

Kemtal Glasgow


Kevin Gerald

Pastor | Communicator

Kevin Lawson

Content Creator

Kevin Johnson

Board Director I Certified Leadership Trainer I Certified Executive Coach I Certified Speaker I Pastor I Best-Selling Author & Winner of 19 literary awards

Kirsten Haglund

Communications Consultant | Digital Media Strategist

Kristin Adams

Entertainer | Content Creator | Public Speaker

Kyle Speller

Denver Nuggets Chaplain | NBA PA Announcer

Larry Mayes

Senior VP for Government and Community Relations at Catholic Charities

Léonce Crump

Author | International Speaker | Co-Founder of Renovation Church

Leslie Garcia

Theological Student | Ministry Laborer

Mako Nagasawa

Author | Founder of The Anástasis Center

Manny Arango

Pastor | Speaker

Mark Goodman

Business Executive

Marlando Jordan


Marvin Daniels


Matt Piland


Micah Billingsley

Student Pastor

Michael Jr

Comedian | Actor

Michael Stickler

Founder of Leadership Books

Nate Landis

MDiv | PhD | President Urban Youth Collaborative

Noah Herrin

Communicator | Church Planter

Onterio Green

Pastor | Leadership Coach | Author

Patrick Winfield


Peter De Jesus

Pastor | Author

Rashawn Copeland

Author | Former Hype Man for Soulja Boy

Ruben Gonzalez

4-Time Olympian | Speaker | Author

Sam Segundo

Pastor | Speaker

Sarah Benibo

Worship Leader

Shane Perry Sr.

Author | Speaker

Shawn Williams

Pastor | Speaker

Sheila Wise Rowe

Christian Counselor | Author

Sydney Benson

Speaker | Content Creator | Founder of GGCE

Michelle Williams

Singer | Songwriter | Actress | Author

Terry Crist

DMin | Pastor

Terry Paulson

PhD | MTh | Author

Toni Collier

Speaker | Author | Consultant

Virginia Ward

Author | Seminary Dean

Will Wilson Jr.

Associate Pastor at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC | Communicator

Yana Conner

Writer | Bible Teacher

Zenzo Matoga

Pastor | Dove Award Nominee | Songwriter | Founder of Impact Music

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