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Immersive. Personal. Raw. Real. Honest.

That’s the heart of every daily Tome. Each video devotional takes you on a journey. No tired illustrations, no faking it, no preaching, no buzzwords — just real stories about real issues from real people.
All leading you to a simple phrase: They were talking to me.

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7 Tomes
6 Guides

What do we do when we’ve been wronged? Is there hope in this messed up world? Injustice is everywhere, but how does Jesus speak into that? These guides have experienced the brokenness of this world and want to explain how and where they found the remedy.

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15 Tomes
11 Guides

Who are you...really? Better yet, who should you be? What if you’ve messed up? What if someone messed you up? You are more than what you do, who you’re with, or what you’ve done. You are more than what’s been done to you. It’s time to dig deep and find out who you are and why. We’ve got just the people to help you with that.

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11 Tomes
9 Guides

Are difficult people dominating your time? How you doing with those hard conversations? What do you do when you can’t let go? The answers may not be easy, but they are necessary. And that’s what you’re going to find here.

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14 Tomes
10 Guides

Need a pick-me-up? Don’t feel like you can carry on? Let these storytellers show you not only why you can do it, but how you can do it. Come back here as often as you need to when you need to be inspired...or challenged.

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5 Tomes
3 Guides

Looking for relief? How about help amidst the cravings? Ready for more than the lies your addiction feeds you? These are real people who have been there, who have reached the depths of their addiction and found the only thing that can offer fulfillment. Real and raw, these stories will give you hope.

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Grief & Loss

10 Tomes
6 Guides

Are you in the midst of a deep, deep pain? Where is God when we encounter loss? Is it OK to be angry? Grief is real, and sometimes it can feel like the only thing we have to hold onto. We talk about it here in detail, and this is a safe space to work through the loss you’ve encountered in your life.

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30 Tomes
20 Guides

What do you do about toxic people in your life? Who should you surround yourself with? What’s a healthy community look like? What if you’ve messed up in the past? Take a few minutes and let us introduce you to some people who have been there, have gotten it right and wrong, and who want something better for you.

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Mental Health

14 Tomes
10 Guides

Feeling crushed under the weight of anxiety? Struggling to make sense of your mental health? You are not alone. You matter. Your mind matters. If you’re battling with anxiety, depression, OCD, or any other mental health challenge, this is the place to find hope. Don’t worry about getting canned answers or fake advice. Just relatable help.

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Going Deeper

30 Tomes
19 Guides

What does it mean to follow Jesus? What does that look like? For so many, being a Christian can be confusing. It’s about dos and don’ts. We hope to untangle and demystify all of that. Let these guides break it down for you in real, practical ways.

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16 Tomes
9 Guides

Why are you here? What are you supposed to be doing? Is there something more? If you’re facing some of life’s biggest questions, this is where you get help finding those answers.

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For someone who already has a daily Bible reading program, what I like about Tome is I look forward to a new video format that is going to be a surprise. Whether it’s a new topic, verse and speaker makes it fun. It’s also short enough  to commit to for a busy person.


I actually really needed these messages today and didn’t even know it.


I absolutely loved playing the videos every morning while I got ready for the day. Both the shorter length of each devotion along with the visual aspect of seeing each speaker share, really kept me looking forward to each new message.


I don’t really read the Bible, but one day I was having a horrible day at work and opened the Tome app on my way home - it instantly shifted my focus and turned my day around


It wasn’t until Tome that I realized the power of an actual person in a devotional reading scripture and then following up with truth.


I love the convenience that Tome offers! As a busy working mom of 3 I was able to listen to the daily message while feeding the kids breakfast.


Tome, to me, is a resource that I can implement into my daily routine. The speakers are so practical, and they speak on such real topics that are very applicable to what is happening in the world today.

In the Studio

These are our behind the scenes moments, the uncut and un edited, the experiences and stories we are building for you. These are our #toments.

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