Peace of Mind

The Complete Biblical and Clinical Course on Mental Health
Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child and Tim Ross share their own challenges with mental health and teach you the Biblical and Clinical steps to overcome the same challenges in your life. Learn the reasons behind your pain. Gain the tools to help you heal.

It Doesn't Matter Who You Are -You Need The Tools to Navigate Your Pain We all experience trauma and challenges that have a lasting impact on who we become. Whether you pastor a church… or you're someone who performed at the Super Bowl halftime show, you’re a person carrying hurt inside —oftentimes for decades. It’s not easy to confront but that hurt can either come out through your words… or it will come out through your body and your actions.  Tim Ross, who pastors Embassy City Church, and Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child get extremely vulnerable with us and talk about their own personal challenges with Mental Health, abuse, insecurity, identity, and the pressure of having demanding lifestyles. They'll unpack what the Bible reveals about our mental health, give us some of the clinical tools for addressing mental health challenges, and bring examples from their own lives.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to vocalize your conditions and trauma to move toward healing
  • How your behavior is being defined by your past experiences
  • How to navigate past experiences of trauma

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Intro Edition

Intro Edition

For anyone who wants a 15-part Introduction to the Course

  • Access to the first 15 Video Chapters
  • The Limited Edition Digital Workbook Covering the first 15 chapters
Leader Edition

Leader Edition

For anyone who wants to experience the complete series

  • The Full 32 Chapter Series
  • Digital Course Workbook Covering all 32 Chapters
Exclusive-Access Edition

Exclusive-Access Edition

For anyone who wants to experience meaningful connection with the speakers

  • The Full 32 Chapter Series
  • Digital Course Book
  • Exlusive first look at "Peace of Mind University"
  • Signed copy of "Upset the World" by Tim Ross
  • Access to Private Q&A with our guides and Tim Ross

About the Guides

Tim Ross

Tim Ross

International Speaker | Podcast Host
Tim speaks both nationally and internationally, strengthening believers with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He […]
Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams

Singer | Songwriter | Actress | Author
Michelle Williams is Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, and actress. She rose to fame in the 2000s as a […]