Resiliency After the Fall

His mother was a model of resilence. When her husband died in an accident she relapse into addiction but found redemption in a rehab center.

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Andrew F Carter

Pastor | Content Creator

Pastor Andrew is the Lead Pastor of Royal City Church based in Los Angeles, California. Both Andrew and his wife Kyra are the founders of Royal City Church. Their passion is to tell the world about Jesus. They aspire to spread the gospel that will reach their community and the world. Pastor Andrew uses his story of overcoming obstacles to encourage, motivate and inspire others. The foundation of his philosophy is built on his relationship with Christ and the principles of consistency and discipline. He started a non-profit organization to help lead people to God and to help people in need. Pastor Andrew is also an influencer and an author of two devotionals called, "The Struggle Is Real But So Is God" - Volume 1 and 2. Andrew has three sons, Andrew Jr., Ezra and Zavier.

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