Power of the Backspace

CB confesses that he gets into the most trouble when he feels the need to get the last word. When this happens, he practices typing out what he wants to say and then deletes it. He has found that backspacing that email has served me far better than trying to get the last word.

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CB Barthlow


After a life of addiction and failure, CB Barthlow came back to his childhood faith at the age of 30. Since then, CB has served in the local church across various capacities, including worship, prison ministry, street evangelism, homeless outreach, refugee care, and youth/young adults. In 2018 CB set out to follow God’s call to plant a church in the city he once suffered in: Denver, CO. beacon was birthed out of much prayer and an earnest desire to lead the lost, the broken, and the hopeless of Denver, to become light-bearers in our city on a hill. CB & his wife Shannel live in Denver with their two sons and a big dog.

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