Finding Dignity In Everyone

Larry grew up in an area where name-calling and de-humanizing others was normal. But in a moment, something happened that led to him feeling convicted. He offers us a reminder that everyone has dignity and value.

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Larry Mayes

Senior VP for Government and Community Relations at Catholic Charities

Larry is responsible for the execution and strategy of the Agency’s programs and services throughout Eastern Massachusetts. A passionate and tireless leader for creative solutions to stem youth violence, he also serves as an advocate on social issues that the organization is involved with including hunger, job training, and resettlement and interpretation services. Prior to joining Catholic Charities in 2010, Larry was the cabinet chief of human services for Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and an advisor for public safety issues for the City of Boston. Larry holds a master’s degree in public policy from Regent University and resides in Hyde Park with his wife, Sadiemarie, and two daughters, Tara and Ilana.

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