How God Redeems Your Pain

While speaking to a group of top leaders, Brian was prompted to talk about a personal story he had never shared publicly. When someone approached him afterwards, he realized how God can use not just our talent and skills, but also our brokenness to help others.

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Brian Bosché

CEO of The Millennial Solution | Author | Speaker

Brian overcame childhood sexual trauma to then be faced with a layoff and a divorce in the same month. He started over, launching his first company with $50 and a laptop from in the moving van the week after Brian and Gabrielle’s wedding. Brian discovered the purpose discovery process they teach after failing to sell self-help products and realizing that he didn't know his purpose. 7 years later, Brian and Gabrielle have taught their method to the United States Air Force, celebrities, and Fortune 50 leaders. Today, Brian leads The Purpose Company with his wife Gabrielle. The two have been featured across SUCCESS, NPR, Business Insider, and beyond for their work. Their newest book The Purpose Factor: Extreme Clarity for Why You're Here and What to Do About It is a powerful guide to find your purpose and use it to figure out what you should do next.

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