Finding the Good

So many times we can focus on the bad and the negative in our lives that we miss the good that’s going on. That was made clear to Kevin at a store in the mall. He explains why we need to shift our perspective, and what it does for us when we do.

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Kevin Gerald

Pastor | Communicator

Kevin Gerald is a second generation pastor. His church experience growing up was in a smaller church that was part of a small denomination. He founded and now pastors Champions Centre, a non-denominational church and one of the largest churches in the Northwest. Over the past few years, Kevin has grown in fellowship and partnership with a broad range of church leaders from various doctrinal and denominational backgrounds. He oversees and sits on leadership boards of several large, influential churches in America, is a long time member and has served as President of Integrity Leadership Ministries, and his speaking platforms include some of the major conferences, events and church platforms around the world. Kevin grew up in the Midwest but has spent his life as a pastor in one of the least churched regions in America. He and his wife, Sheila, minister together and live in the Seattle area.

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