Upset the Vows

How is your marriage right now? Amazing? Mediocre? Or stale and in need of some help? What is the secret to a good marriage? Tim and Juliette will share their secrets to how they survived over two decades of marriage. Join them as they provide practical steps to take your marriage from struggling to thriving!

This course is for every couple who desires to strengthen their marriage and see it flourish! Tim Ross and his wife Juliette will share their wisdom with you on how to repair and strengthen your marriage in whatever state it is currently in. God’s desire is for us to have healthy, successful and fulfilling marriages, and this can only be achieved if we center our marriages on Christ. Through this course, you will be provided a biblical understanding of marriage and be given helpful strategies to nourish your relationship. Tim and Juliette don’t skip the hard stuff and they delve into some of the trickier questions and situations you can experience going through trials in marriage. Upset the Vows will be a powerful resource for you and your spouse and one that you will want to share with other couples too!

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What You'll Learn

  • How to Pray for One Another in Marriage
  • How to React When Your Partner Opens Up With Their Struggles
  • How to Respond to Relational Dysfunction in Marriage
  • Strategies to Open Up Your Communication With Your Spouse
  • The Value of Being Vulnerable With Your Spouse
  • The Three Ways Marriage Points to Jesus
  • What the Secret Is to a Long Lasting Marriage

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About the Guides

Tim Ross

Tim Ross

International Speaker | Podcast Host
Tim speaks both nationally and internationally, strengthening believers with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He […]
Juliette Ross

Juliette Ross

Ministry Leader | Podcast Host
Juliette and her husband, Tim, planted Embassy City in September of 2015. She currently hosts “Unpacked”, a talk […]