Unstoppable Success

7 Ways to Flourish in Your Boundless Potential

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Antipas Harris

6 Course Chapters

9-minute Course

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Course Chapters

3 sections • 6 chapters • 9 minutes

Unstoppable Success Introduction

1 minutes

Unstoppable Success Introduction


Book Overview

7 minutes

Go in Faith!


Education: The Passport to Success


Connecting With the Right People


Integrity: The Path to Success Is Narrow


Unstoppable Success Conclusion

1 minutes

Unstoppable Success Conclusion


Your guide, Antipas Harris

Antipas L. Harris is the founder and president and dean of the Urban Renewal Center (URC) in Norfolk, Virginia. He is the former founding president and dean of Jakes Divinity School and served on the pastoral staff at The Potter’s House in Dallas, Texas. Harris is an ordained minister, a theological educator, and a musician. Harris has ministered in many churches across the United States and Canada as well as in Germany, Mexico, Nigeria, Angola, and South Africa. In his 30 years of ministry, Antipas has mentored ministers and pastors in leadership and through personal crises.

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