That Dad Life

The Guide to Biblical Fatherhood
In this course on fatherhood, Chris Harper lays out the modern-day challenges facing dads and offers practical, real-life solutions that stem from the spiritual roles that Jesus modeled as a priest, prophet and king.

BetterMan CEO, Chris Harper teaches a 16 part course entitled “That Dad Life.” This course is for all men who are either the biological father, step-father or a functional dad in a child’s life. “Harp” sets forth a mountain of problems that are facing children in America who do not have a father in the home. He systematically addresses these statistics by building a foundation of fatherhood that reflects the life of Jesus Christ. The three-fold role of Jesus found in the Bible is Jesus as a Priest, Prophet and King. This course has multiple classes on each one of these roles of Jesus and offers timely application for every dad to become the spiritual priest, prophet and king over their household.

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What You'll Learn

  • Learn How Important It Is for Dad’s to Live a Congruent Life
  • Learn How to Pray for and With Your Family
  • Learn How to Care for the Spiritual Needs of Your Wife and Children

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About the Guide

Chris Harper

Chris Harper

President of Betterman | Disciple-Maker
Pastor Chris [aka Harp] describes himself as an Amillennial, Calvinistic, closet-charismatic, credo-baptistic, Complementarian, disciple of JC Ryle, who loves his wife, his four children, books, basketball, […]