Stronger Now

Enduring Life's Hardest Moments
Sydney Michelle Benson shares stories from her life where things didn't go the way she wanted, and how God is still in control through life's detours.

Sydney states that her life has been “full of extremes.” Through each experience we learn how the Lord guided her to particular Bible passages to deal with various painful circumstances. Through it all, Sydney teaches how the Lord has been there for her and can be there for you.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to See Our Circumstances Through the Lens of the Lord
  • How the Lord Can Be a Healing Presence Through Trauma
  • How to See How the Lord Can Make a Way Out of Your Wilderness
  • What to Do When You Are Abandoned by Family

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Sydney Benson

Sydney Benson

Speaker | Content Creator | Founder of GGCE
Sydney is a Social Media Influencer, Speaker, Podcaster, and Digital Strategist based in Dallas, TX. She is the Founder of GGCE, a consulting company for creative and digital media services that strengthens […]