Revival Now

History Is in the Making for the Next Great Awakening
Peter De Jesus of De Jesus Ministries and Victory Church in Lancaster, Texas teaches a course from his book “Revival Now: History is in the Making for the Next Great Awakening.” The journey through “Revival Now” will give you practical guidance on what revival is and how it can experience one in your life, which will then spread to everyone around you.

This course will lead you to many Biblical passages that point to Revival coming Now! Peter De Jesus will instruct you how to combat depression to be revived for a new purpose by applying his “The 5 Rs of Revival Now.” In addition, he will unpack many topics within his book, "Revival Now: History is in the Making for the Next Great Awakening," including chapters on the relevant reasons for revival and the revenant rudiments of revival. This course will teach about how prayer, fasting, worship and unity are the essential tools to personal and corporate revival. Are you ready for “Revival Now?”

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What You'll Learn

  • Peter De Jesus’ “The 5 Rs of Revival Now”
  • Peter De Jesus’ Five Most Relevant Reasons for Revival
  • About the 10 Biblical Purposes of Fasting
  • How the Holy Spirit Empowers You to Become a Revivalist

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Peter De Jesus

Peter De Jesus

Pastor of Victory Church, a multicultural church in Lancaster, TX | Author
Peter De Jesus is the author of REVIVAL NOW: History is in the Making for the Next Great Awakening. Available in both English and Spanish. Rev. Peter along with his wife Rev. Mildred De Jesus are the […]