Navigating Anxiety

How Philippians 4 Helped Me Fight My Battle
Yana Conner leads a discussion around a topic that is personal to her - Navigating Anxiety. Yana applies her studies of the Apostle Paul's letter to the church in Philippi. Through a short five-segment course you will come away with practical tools to navigate anxiety.

In this 5 segment course, you will empower yourself with the Biblical understanding to address the challenges of anxiety - The Lord is near to those who are Anxious - Paul gives a prayer when you are anxious - Practical ways to counteract anxiety - Biblical thoughts for the anxious - Anxious acceptance from the Bible.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to Meditate on Truth
  • How Being Thankful Can Counteract Anxious Thoughts
  • How to Use Prayer as a Tool to Navigate Anxiety
  • How to Pray for Awareness of the Lord’s Presence in Your Life

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Anxiety Edition


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Yana Conner

Yana Conner

Writer | Bible Teacher
Yana is a proud St. Louis native residing in Durham, NC. She grew up in the church but didn’t encounter God’s love and grace until her junior year of college. The good news of God’s love and radical […]