Mysteries and Hard Sayings of Jesus

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David Holland

12 Course Chapters

1-hour Course

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Course Chapters

4 sections • 12 chapters • 1 hour

Mysteries and Hard Sayings Introduction

1 minutes

Mysteries and Hard Sayings of Jesus Introduction


Mysteries of Jesus

43 minutes

Writing in the Dust


Whips & Money-Changers


The Power of a Curse


Did God Forsake Jesus on the Cross?


Hard Sayings of Jesus

1 hour

Where Is Hell?


Crumbs to the Dogs


Hate and Division


Sell Everything?


Who Is the God of This World?


Jesus and the Old Testament Law


Mysteries and Hard Sayings Conclusion

3 minutes

Mysteries and Hard Sayings of Jesus Conclusion


Your guide, David Holland

David A. Holland is a writer, speaker, teacher, husband, father, and grandfather—carrying a call to help God’s people better comprehend His extraordinary goodness and extravagant grace. Partnering with New York Times bestselling author Stephen Mansfield, David co-authored "Paul Harvey's America," which earned the 2009 Retailer's Choice Award. His devotional, "Praying Grace," has more than 200,000 copies in print and his advent devotional, Christmas Grace released in November of 2021. Two new devotionals, Praying Grace for Men and Praying Grace for Women arrived in 2022. He is the founding pastor-teacher of The Cup & Table Co., a network of house churches based in the Dallas-Fort Worth area wherein New Covenant truths are proclaimed, and the implications of Jesus’ finished work are celebrated and lived out. His writing on faith, life, and culture is accessible at

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