Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs

How to Lead With Purpose, Passion, and Perseverance

If you have ever wondered how to get ahead in your career and what it takes to become a successful leader - then this course is for you! Chris Heaslip is going to take you behind the scenes to discover what it has taken him to become a successful leader of a large company and what it continues to take as he leads multiple companies. This course is designed to accelerate your leadership by focusing on some core leadership principles that will add value to you and your team. Leadership doesn’t have to only fall on your shoulders, learn from Chris how to empower others around you to lead.

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What You'll Learn

  • How You Can Practically Serve Others Around You and Add Value to Your Team
  • The Principle of Viewing Failure as a Potential Seed to Success
  • The Value of Feedback in Your Leadership Development
  • The Value of Perseverance to Achieve Your Goals in Leadership

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Chris Heaslip

Chris Heaslip

Co-Founder of Pushpay
Chris is a dedicated entrepreneur with more than 15 startups under his belt, the latest being the highly successful Pushpay, which grew rapidly from $1 million in revenue to $100 million in revenue in just […]