Faith in the Midst of Pain

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Tim Ross, Manny Arango, Earl McClellan

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Faith in the Midst of Pain

5 minutes

Faith in the Midst of Pain


Your guide, Tim Ross

Tim speaks both nationally and internationally, strengthening believers with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He began preaching at the age of 20 years old, and has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people since. He is the author, “Upset the World”, a book about believers who have the mission to upset the world with the message of love and hope of Jesus Christ. Recently, Tim has started a podcast, “The Basement with Tim Ross”, where he introduces people who are influencers and want to be influenced. Tim is married to Juliette Ross, and together they have two sons.

Your guide, Manny Arango

Manny is a self-proclaimed Bible nerd and storyteller. He fights for people who have lost their voice and their way. In 2010, Manny graduated from Gordon College with a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies. Shortly after, he was ordained at Jubilee Christian Church.

Your guide, Earl McClellan

Earl McClellan is Founder and Lead Pastor of Shoreline City Church based in Dallas with locations emerging around the world. Under his leadership and “come as you are” teaching style, Shoreline City has grown from fifteen people to over 4,500 in just seven years. Earl and his wife, Oneka, have three children.

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