The biggest thing that's holding you back is your view of influence

For the first time ever, Chris Widener, Author of national best-seller, the "The Art of Influence" is unpacking the influence of Jesus in order to help you understand the influence you have locked inside you.

The biggest thing that's holding you back is your view of influence
Jesus, Master of Influence: The Complete Guide to Understanding Your Purpose and Influence
1/10/23 at 6:30 PM
Content Duration2 hours
Last Updated11/22/22
InstructorsChris Widener
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You were designed to influence.

In Jesus, Master of Influence you will learn how you have been uniquely created to influence others for positive change. Chris Widener walks you through the key Biblical passages that describe how Jesus used his influence to change people’s lives. Each session will focus on a particular element of influence that you can adopt into your life, relationships, and business. Chris Widener teaches the importance of preparation in becoming an influencer. He unpacks what specific characteristics you need to develop to become a master of influence. And Chris teaches how to use your influence as a force of compassion and even for positive confrontation.

A guided journey to discover the influence already inside you

Digital workbook

You will learn

  • How you have been uniquely created to influence people

  • The key attitudes that make you more influential

  • How influence begins with being connected to God

  • The positive method to use confrontational influence

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Video Chapters17 Chapters . 2 hours
1 - Jesus, Master of Influence Introduction02:14
2 - The Purpose of Influence10:03
3 - Introduction to Influence06:09
4 - The Great Commission12:22
5 - Influence and the Holy Spirit10:09
6 - The Authority to Influence08:29
7 - The Word and Words14:57
8 - Be Prepared to Influence11:53
9 - The Attitudes and Character of Influence14:02
10 - The Process of Influence08:46
11 - Sowing Seeds of Influence10:03
12 - Fishers of Men07:37
13 - The Results of Influence08:42
14 - Compassionate Influence11:07
15 - Confrontational Influence08:53
16 - Accountability in Influence08:55
17 - Jesus, Master of Influence06:49

"With the time I have left, I want to teach something of significance"

The biggest thing that's holding you back is your view of influence