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Troy Pollock

| CEO & Co-founder

What’s our most important topic? Any ideas? Here’s a’s not in our list below. It’s YOU! That’s right, our topics were created to revolve around you and meet you wherever you might be in life. 

Whether you’re dealing with inner-household conflict, girl/boy probs, a recent loss of a loved one, some dark thoughts running through your mind, or other life things that seem to keep you questioning God, we’re here to meet you in those moments. Our Guides have carefully crafted unique stories from a very real and raw perspective. 

Our topics function like categories to make it easy for you to find content in specific areas. So now is the moment in this journey where we introduce you to them -- let’s do it!

Mental Health

Tasting Notes: Punchy, earthy and human notes, a glaze of raw and unfiltered dealings of pain and suffering, with a delicate finish of crisp healing and the ability to overcome.

This is that one that gets pushed under the rug all too often. It’s difficult, scary, painful, and overwhelming to discuss what’s going on with us mentally. Do you ever get mad at your own head? Like why am I thinking these crazy things right now...what’s wrong with me?! We’re taking a hardcore stance that Mental Health should be discussed and explored through scripture. We can’t always pull ourselves out of that mental rut, but we know someone who can (hint: it’s the big man upstairs).

One of our favorite Tomes in Mental Health: CB Barthlow’s From Suicide to Serenade - a raging meth addiction leads a man to consider taking his own life, but what his son tells him changes everything.


Tasting Notes: A dash of familial interaction, a soft touch of friendship, with a smooth twist of love and emotion.

Relationships are SO important. A relationship is the foundation of our faith in Christ, so how it plays out with friends, family, spouses, lovers, coworkers, pets, your hair-stylist, you name it, is crucial. Explore what scripture has to say on this very stuff!

One of our favorite Tomes in Relationships: Jennifer Lucy Tyler’s We Weren't Made for Isolation - an exploration into what the pandemic did to community during isolation.


Tasting Notes: tasting notes cannot be identified...get it? Because Identity?????

Who are we? Were you told all throughout your Christian life that “your identity is in Christ?” What does that even mean? So often many of us struggle with our identity in this expanding and complex world. Watch stories from our Guides on what scripture has to say about who we are, and who we are called to be.

One of our favorite Tomes in Identity: Manny Arango’s When You're Full of Regret - about to be the first in his family line to graduate college, he cheated on his final paper.

Grief & Loss

Tasting Notes: a dark and dramatic start, moving into a complex and mind-bending whirl of pain and hurt, that blends delicately into a soft and translucent consistency, allowing light to enter.

It’s fair to say that everyone has experienced grief and loss. Whether it be a pet, a friend, a family member, a loved one, a distant acquaintance, or even a favorite celebrity, we can all come together and relate to the pain experienced. This topic plays in the land of pain with scripture as the supporting character. Watch some of our guides share stories of personal loss and how they got through it.

One of our favorite Tomes in Grief & Loss: Dr. Daniell Harrell’s God Is for You - Daniel understands hardship. He understands grief and loss. He literally held his wife as she died.


Tasting Notes: a concoction of different perspectives that collide into tension, a moving spectacle of confrontation that leads to a finishing splendour of resolution.

We can all agree that the biggest conflict shared by humanity is that Chick-fil-A is closed on Sunday. Jokes aside, in a 24-hour period, 7 days a week, humans encounter an absurd amount of conflict in our lives. Driving, eating, arguments with friends, disagreements with office politics, heck choices made in the church, the list could become a novel. Let’s dive into stories about conflict and how Biblical stories can have modern applications.

One of our favorite Tomes in Conflict: Eli Hernandez’s Forgiving Those Who Have Hurt You - Eli’s mom got pregnant with him as the result of a rape. It wrecked her, and she drank gasoline to try and kill Eli in the womb. Yet Eli still found a way to forgive her. 


Tasting Notes: an unfair and cruel amount of inequity, morphing into a maddening outrage of emotion and feelings, the seeks a resolution of justice.

If you’ve watched even a small amount of the news in the past two years, injustice has been plastered like a homecoming poster for all to see. Many times, we stand on the other end of the screen confused and hurt by others' pain. A lot of us have experienced some form of injustice, whether it be big or small. The Bible talks about injustice through a multitude of stories. Watch our Guides share some of their own interactions with injustice and how they dealt with it.

One of our favorite Tomes in Injustice: Tim Ross’s Fighting Hate With Love - Tim Ross had a teacher who invited some neo-Nazis to speak to his class that was extremely multi-ethnic. As a black man, Tim was uncomfortable.


Tasting Notes: a brilliant and light body that fuels off desire to progress and move forward no matter the build up against.

Motivation comes in many forms. We need motivation to get out of bed, write this blog post, go to church, ask a girl out, confront a bully, ask for a raise. Fill in the blank for yourself. Sometimes we lack that motivation and decide to push aside something that we really want, or something that would be good for us. This topic is for anyone who needs to gain new perspective and fuel to go after whatever it is that you’re pushing aside.

One of our favorite Tomes in Motivation: Chris Heaslip’s A Proper View of Success - Chris started 14 companies that all failed. He was going to give up...but he didn’t.


Tasting Notes: keeps you coming back for more, can often tempt you with a quick pleasure, but leaves a long-term taste of bitterness. 

Honestly, addiction can feel just downright icky to talk about. It’s not a fun one. Guess what? The ones that aren’t fun to talk about are usually where the most growth happens. Addiction takes shape in so many different forms, but we can learn from those different instances and let them mold our deliverance from our own addictions.

One of our favorite Tomes in Addiction: CB Barthlow’s Why You Were Made For Community  - When CB Barthlow entered rehab in 2010 for a crystal meth addiction, he told everyone around he wasn’t there to make friends. 

Going Deeper

Tasting Notes: a surface-level blend, loves to sit at the top and not open itself to a forward approach of vulnerability and depth, but concludes with a symphony of opportunity to explore that depth.

This one is for the long-term Christian, the mid-level Christian, and even the short-term Christian. Ok...fine. It’s for everyone! No matter the amount of faith or time we’ve spent in prayer and scripture, there comes a moment where we could all go a bit deeper. This one’s for you!

One of our favorite Tomes in Going Deeper: Emily Vogeltanz’s Why God Isn't Your Genie - sometimes we treat God as a genie in a bottle or a vending machine: We think, “If we do all the right things, he’s going to give me what I want and “bless” me.” 


Tasting Notes: not a studio album by Justin Bieber..Belieb us, this topic’s intentions will make sure you never say never to your holy calling.

Why the heck are you on this Earth at this very time? Like why wasn’t I born a caveman? Do you ever find yourself thinking why you were born in this specific time and place? It's a common thought. That’s why we developed an entire category dedicated to the exploration of our purpose on this beautiful green and blue planet in a modern society.

One of our favorite Tomes in Purpose: Michael Jr’s Why Are You Here? - there’s a problem in culture today. Too many people try to answer “what” they do instead of “why” they do it.

Like we said, all of this ⇧ was created with you at the heart of it. Life is complex, it’s beautiful, versatile, non-scripted, and it’s also ugly, dark, lonely, and questionable. We want to bring real topics told by real people to you. Our favorite real person!

Start exploring the different topics that the Tome app has to offer and see if you can relate and find light in a story you’ve never heard before. We’re dropping a new video everyday, so the stories are just beginning.