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Weekly Drop | Perfect Content for Your Thanksgiving

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The Tome Team

There are a few reasons to be stoked about today. 1) It’s Monday...boooooo...scratch that, it’s the Weekly Drop...yayyyyyy! 2) It’s the week of Thanksgiving. 3) You’re here reading this and you should know that you’re awesome!

See? Plenty of reasons to tackle this Monday with enthusiasm, optimism, and a heart of Thanksgiving. If you are like many of us struggling with how you find thankfulness in your life, you’ll want to check out this week’s new videos. Shall we see what awaits you this week in the Weekly Drop? Let’s do it!

This week, our guides have crafted a delicious assortment of stories that rise with aromas of peace, loss, getting caught, thankfulness, and gratitude. We invite you to the table to take in a piece of these stories that explore scripture in a different way than you might be used to.

Here’s the seven course meal we’ve got for you, broken down into three words to describe each story.

Congestive heart failure.

One hit wonder.

Being a father.

It’s Thanksgiving time.

She got caught!

A life secret.

God is enough.

Curious? Same. These are the Guides taking you through this Thanksgiving meal:

We hope this lineup excites you and encourages you to open your heart to the opportunity to experience a piece of scripture in a way that’s new for you. That’s one of our deepest hopes for you -- seeing things in a new light.

Missed last week’s drop? We got you! Click this lovely link right here and we’ll take you to a recap so you don’t miss a dang thing.


Happy Thanksgiving, Tomie! That’s all we wanted to say here. Hope you enjoy some turkey, or tofurky if that’s more your style.