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The Story of Tome

Leveraging modern technology to make the Bible relatable, digestible, and convenient for those that don't know where to start or how to engage with it. This is the story of Tome.
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Troy Pollock

| CEO & Co-founder

2020 was a year so many of us never want to relive. 

That said, when challenges arise, opportunity is lurking close by. 

The challenges of 2020 became personal to my co-founder, Chris Heaslip, and I as we had a front row seat to so many people who shipwrecked their faith and left churches in mass numbers. 

So, we started asking ourselves how can we help? How can we help unite people who are divided? How can we inspire people to keep moving forward even though they don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel? How can we give hope to people who are hopeless? How can we encourage people to keep moving forward when they don’t even see a way to make it through today. 

Technology is bridging the gap between experience and convenience.

Because we’ve seen the positive effects technology has when leveraged for good, we started looking at some of the most well respected tech giants. You know, the ones you have on your phone. The ones you have on your television. The ones you have in your garage. 

Yes, those.

We started asking ourselves what does Spotify offer that so many consumers want? What does Netflix offer? What does MasterClass offer? What does Peloton offer? 

Sure, they offer a lot of features… but here's a few examples of where they overlap. They are incredibly convenient. They are very engaging. They are highly personalized.

What do I mean?  

Let’s take Peloton for example. Peloton has taken an antiquated stationary bike that has been around 100 years and put a 21st century technology spin on it -- no pun intended -- and made riding a stationary bike an incredibly fun experience. 

Their technology allows you to join a fitness class from the comfort of your own home. Forget driving to the gym. You want to jump on the bike in your pajamas? By all means. Now, what comes included with Peloton and this service, are all of the personalized features. Music. Classes. Level of difficulty. You get the idea. But, sometimes having a lot of options can be overwhelming. Cue the guide.

The Peloton instructor is the key to a successful and happy rider. You may say, I don’t even know where to begin on my fitness journey. No problem, your instructor, the guide, will help you with where to start. Don’t know how to run on a treadmill? The guide will teach you. Don’t think you have enough energy to finish your workout? The guide will encourage you to cross the finish line. They will keep you engaged and moving forward.

What am I saying? Peloton is convenient, engaging, and personalized to your preferences. And it's optimized even greater when the guide comes alongside to help you navigate unfamiliar or overwhelming territory.

I could go down the list. Spotify does the same for music. Netflix does this for entertainment. MasterClass does this for those looking to learn. 

Changing the way you engage with the Bible.

Our question quickly became - who’s doing this for people who want to grow in their faith journey? 

No one. 

So Chris and I began wrestling with how to fix this.

Hence, the birth of Tome. Simply put, the vision of Tome is to change the way people across the globe engage with the Bible.

Said in a different way, Tome was created for the drifter. The skeptic. The disengaged. The lonely. The hurt. The hopeless. The disenfranchised. The angry. The sad. The discouraged. The sick. The anxious. The frustrated. 

Tome was also created for the curious. The questioner. The thinker. The artist. The influencer. The leader. The mom. The dad. The child. The grandparent. The athlete. The business person. The…

Tome was created for you. 

Tome’s mission is to serve as a guide for people who have a desire for the Bible but don’t know where to start or how to engage with it. We leverage today’s faith leaders and cultural influencers to create daily video devotions and playlists that are engaging, personal, and convenient to you. We create content that allows people, like you, to engage with scripture on a regular basis.

So, if you want to know what relevance the greatest selling book of all time has today? I invite you to download the Tome App and see. Our Tomies are waiting to talk directly to you.

That’s right, to you. Our hope is that you sit before your screen and think "Wow, they were talking to me."

If you'd like to be one of the first to have access to the Tome App, head to the Apple store to download it now.