The Gospel, Racial Reconciliation & the Church

“The Gospel, Racial Reconciliation & the Church” addresses a topic that is filled with so much pain, hurt, disappointment, and offers hope as it relates to diversity, inclusion, and equity. This course was specifically designed for leaders who have a willingness to sit at the table together and to have this conversation with one another based on the gospel.

This course is designed to help leaders answer many of the pressing questions around racial dynamics, across racial lines such as: What does the Bible say about the construct of race? Are race and ethnicity the same thing? Is it right/wrong to acknowledge racial/ethnic differences? What does the Bible teach about interethnic marriage? Why has the Bible been used to justify racial oppression? How do we build the kind of churches that model diversity and equality in the midst of a racially divided world? And more

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What You'll Learn

  • The Ten Practical Thoughts on How to Build a Multiethnic Staff, Team, and Church
  • What the Bible Says and Doesn’t Say About Slavery
  • How Racial Reconciliation Has Become Individualistic and Interpersonal
  • How Jesus Interacted and Loved the Marginalized People Around Him
  • The Misconceptions of Racism That Are Connected to the Biblical Stories of Cain, the Flood, the Curse of Ham, and the Tower of Babel

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Terry Crist

Terry Crist

D.Min. | Pastor
Terry Crist serves as the Lead Pastor of City of Grace, a church with four campuses across Arizona, and in Las Vegas, Nevada. As a fifth-generation pastor, he has a rich history of building churches and […]