Acorns to Oak Trees

How To Bring Your Dreams Into Reality
In "Acorns to Oak Trees," Jim Cathcart will draw from his experience as one of the greatest salesmen and public speakers in the world to teach you how to start your dreams.

**What do you want?** The world is constantly asking you this question, whether you are sitting on Santa’s knee, standing at the coffee shop counter, knocking on someone’s door, calling someone on the phone, wishing on a star, or saying a little prayer. They all want to know the same thing: What do you want? No matter where you are or what you do, if you don’t know what you want, then you surely will not get it. But you will get whatever someone else wants by default. **What do you want?** It might be a small business, or company you’re destined to start. You might aspire to start an entirely new career. You might dream of attaining a master's degree, a doctorate. You could set foot in nearly every country on the globe if that was your dream. There’s nothing you can’t do. But your dreams and your life transformation have just one thing holding them back –you. Jim Cathcart, one of the most trusted sales thought leaders in the world and one of the greatest public speakers of all time, is going to show you how activating your dream is easier than you might think, but it won’t happen by accident. For the last forty years, Jim has been helping people grow, to realize the potential of what they can become. Every great and mighty oak tree has the humblest of beginnings –a simple acorn. Sit down with Jim Cathcart to work through, step by step, to start your dream. The small business, the entrepreneurial dream, the degree that see You might feel small or insignificant. But Jim wants to help you turn your acorn into a mighty oak tree. Not only is Jim going to teach you the entrepreneurial secrets of successfully launching a dream but he’s actually going to walk through the first steps with you. Your dream starts here.

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What You'll Learn

  • Learn to Assess Who Is in Your Circle and How to Grow It
  • Learn What It Takes to Complete Your Personal Goals
  • Learn How to Find More Meaning and Satisfaction in Your Life
  • Learn How to Become Successful in All Areas of Your Life and Business

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Jim Cathcart

Jim Cathcart

CSP | CPAE | Author | Professional Speaker | Entrepreneur
Jim Cathcart is the CEO of Cathcart Institute LLC (founded in 1977), an organization devoted to helping clients create and grow High-Value Relationships. A top 1% TEDx speaker, his video has been viewed over […]